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Google Are Officially Supreme

   NEWS / 23 Aug 2017

Published: 23 August 2017

It is official. Google has taken top spot in YouGov’s first global health ranking. This is based on overall brand health which is determined by looking at many perceptions of the brand. This includes brand quality, values, impression, satisfaction, reputation and whether consumers would recommend the brand to other individuals.

YouGov’s CEO ,Ted Marzilli reported that tech firms dominate the list however, all companies have a common feature of having a broad utility.

“Tech brands dominate this global list with good reason. By their very nature the likes of Google, YouTube and Facebook are open and accessible in most places on earth to anyone with online access” says Ted Marzilli.

Not only are Google top of the list for best global health, they have also taken prime position for the World’s most valuable brand according to Kantar Millward Brown’s 2017 BrandZ Ranking.



In the last several years, Apple and Google have snatched top place off of each other constantly yet, this year, Google has managed to fight Apple off in order to defend their position. The tech giant has created an ever larger lead after achieving a 7% increase to make a massive $246 Billion!! This is in comparison to Apple’s rise of 3% to $235 Billion, which now confirms that there is a 4.4% value difference between the global leaders. Last year, the gap was a lot closer at only 0.3%. This is a massive achievement for Google and shows why Why Media encourage the use of Google Ads.

Jade Cummings, Design Director at Why Media comments:

“An excellent reputation supports a brand in standing out from the competition and for this reason, building and maintaining your brand messaging is increasingly important.

The prevalence of social media and other digital platforms has meant that it is easier for potential clients and customers to view interactions with a brand. It also allows a business to interact with their consumers, build relationships, launch products and run promotions while simultaneously engaging with their loyal customers on a more personal level.

Presenting a consistent and honest brand ultimately builds a strong reputation that will  build trust in both existing and potential consumers alike.“


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