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Is Agile Marketing The Way Forward?

   NEWS / 21 Aug 2017

Published: 21 August 2017

In today’s world, the economy is 24-hours and there is no such thing as clocking off for the customer. Agile marketing absorbs changes of the quickly evolving marketplace and adjusts its responses, at the same time as making sure it does not lose sight of the company’s end goal.

There are varying definitions of the word ‘agile’; from it being a formalised process of product development to a general attitude towards change. Yet in all cases, responsiveness is key. This requires a relationship between different departments as well as regulations across the business to deliver a whole customer experience. There are many important attributes to include such as; speed, quality and flexibility.

It is seen more now that test-and-learn is vital if brands are to work effectively. It is important for ideas to be generated, built upon and then released in short lead times, the faster to market, the more effective the response.

Even though there is a buzz about agile marketing now, this may not suggest that it exists within a state of perfection or that it is the only great way of working in the current world. The market changes constantly, and now consumers aren’t as loyal as they used to be, there is a lot more tolerance for trying new things, even at board level due to the world adapting quickly.

It has been viewed that cultural alignment is vital to agility. To have a truly agile company, all the different departments have to work together because if only half commit to the idea, roadblocks are created. Cultural alignment involves aligning metrics and key performance indicators, as well as agreeing on how quickly the organisation needs to move in order to achieve the goals set. However, it can be seen that it is more difficult for some sections of a business to accept the agile mindset than others.

Technology is a key aspect in creating an agile organisation. Open messaging groups make sure everyone is hearing the same conversations and no-one is in need to catch-up. Yet, emails tend to limit chatter that is unnecessary and it is important in such a fast-paced environment to use time wisely. In addition, adding structure is not always a physical change however, encouraging staff to move around and share ideas is key to having an agile business.

Claire White, Account Director at Why Media comments; “Why Media has been working to an agile project management system for the last six years. It’s a strategic process that not only ensures our design, development and marketing teams meet deadlines but, allows us to manage client expectations and set realistic timescales mirrored on our current workload.”

Overall, agile marketing is the blend of fast work with traditional values of being focused in order to achieve the goals set.


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