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Go Digital, Or Go Home

   NEWS / 26 Jul 2017

Published: 26 July 2017

The digital era is here. Digital technologies are radically transforming every aspect of business, from customer services to employee engagement. This only means one thing, companies must digitally transform to survive. Gone are the days of pen and paper, digital is irreversible, so in modern business we need to embrace the changes and make the most of out of them. Technology has changed the way we live, the way we communicate, and together, those factors have moved the face of business online. According to 62% of professionals, their organisation is in denial about the need to transform digitally, 55% consider their organisation has a year or less to get digital before suffering financially, while 59% are worried it’s too late. Now it’s time to adapt to this new dynamic and begin to plan a more integrated and technically led future.

According to 89% of consumers who use search engines to find information about products and services, if a business is not on Google it does not exist. Consumers are completely dependent on internet and shopping research and vast majority will search the product or business online before making a purchase. If a customer searches your business on Google and doesn’t find it, chances are he/she will look for for a competitor. This same study also showed that 79% of consumers follow brands on social media platforms just to keep up to date with the latest information, meaning that pairing content marketing and social media marketing effectively could help businesses reach large numbers of consumers.

Digital marketing also delivers many profitable benefits in terms of better and higher revenues. According to a study conducted by Google, companies using digital marketing see 2.8 times better revenue growth than those who do not. With this higher revenue growth, SMEs using digital marketing techniques will have a 3.3 times better chances of expanding as a business, by also increasing chances to opening doors to new markets nationally and internationally. According to Kevin O’Kane, Google’s Asia Pacific Head of SME, Internet is a rocket fuel of growth for SMEs.

One of the great benefits of going digital is the opportunity to measure success. It is a lot easier to track the progress and success of a business and it’s strategies when it is online. It is very easy to track how many clicks, views or responses your campaign gets, meaning that you can monitor what works well with your target audience and what doesn’t. Through these analytics, businesses can also meet and understand their target market a lot better. By having an online presence, you are able to find out information about demographics, numbers, interests etc. Which will be able to help your business share more targeted content but also help create the multi-departmental strategies more relevant to the target audience.

By going digital, a business can use trends, such as social media (Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram) and SEO, to tell their story. Companies provide customers with a variety of digital content such as links, videos, images and other media, which makes the audience engage with the brand. Statistics show that 61% of consumers would prefer to buy from a business that offers content to engage with, making going digital a necessity.

Going digital will help you stay competitive, reach more people, become more effective, understand your target audience and increase revenue, all for a low cost due to its outstanding ROI rates. People in today’s society are hungry for information, they want to know more, and they want know this in 1 click. In order to succeed and grow in today’s markets, no matter what industry or sector, you need to help your customers find you, you need to make their experience with you memorable, you need to let them interact with you, and digital marketing will help you do just that.

Is you are a business that is looking to go digital and need help to achieve and manage this, Why Media are experts in the field. We will help you in everything, from social media and website, to SEO and content creation. Send an email to Claire@whymedia.com and let’s open the doors for you to the digital world!

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