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The Power of Branding

   NEWS / 24 Jul 2017

Published: 24 July 2017

A brand can be summarised as a name, term, design, symbol or any other element that distinctly identifies a business or individual from others. The objective of good branding is to establish a significant and differentiated presence that attracts and retains loyal customers. So, is branding important to your business? The simple answer is yes.

Branding is all about communicating with your customers – both current and potential. It can be a valuable tool in persuading your customers to choose your company over your competitors (and customers love great branding!), putting your business at the forefront of all the others in your industry. Above all, it sends a message about how and why your company is unique.

Great branding can begin with the smallest of changes and an ideal starting point is a memorable logo. A simple and professional logo has the power to make a lasting impression, and consistently incorporating a brand’s logo across platforms makes it more memorable.


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A professional, considered brand builds credibility and trust among customers. It also increases the likelihood of gaining referrals and new customers. Maintaining a cohesive brand is critical, if a brand’s elements are inconsistent across platforms, it can cause confusion and distrust.  

Brand guidelines are important, every company already has their own brand, even if they don’t know it, but without a guideline to help define it and keep it consistent among employees and outside sources, it is difficult to maintain a brand which is strong and recognisable in the noise of today's saturated markets.

It is important to maintain a strong brand with a consistent tone design making sure it is easily recognisable. With set rules and guides in place means it is easier to enforce this consistency.





Customer loyalty can be worth 10 times as much as a single purchase.

Customer loyalty is key and one of the most important aspects when developing a brand. A consumer will often buy from a familiar brand rather than use other brands or Companies.

A positive experience with previous products and services results in consistent loyalty to a product or brand over an extended period, Which ultimately has a hugely positive impact on a business.

73% of consumers love a brand because of friendly customer service.

The term brand gets thrown around a lot in business and many people still believe that a brand is merely a logo, and nothing more. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A brand is the total sum of an organisation’s various parts. Values, visual identity, products, services, positioning, premises, advertising and many other elements all contribute to the overall perception of the organisation in the minds of its customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders and the general public. 

Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

Colour plays a fundamental part in the reflection of any branding. It instantly creates an identity and different colours work for different projects and brands.

In today’s society we are constantly bombarded by products, signage, and advertisements trying grab our attention. According to the way our natural senses function – colour is the most influential, followed by shapes, symbols, and finally words. Therefore it’s no surprise that many of the most recognisable brands in the world use colour as a fundamental part of their visual identity to increase brand recognition.

“I believe a distinctive and memorable logo, along with consistent branding goes a long way to tell the company’s story, and this is what we aim to achieve at Why Media.”

Costa Demetriou,

Graphic Designer and Front-end Developer at Why Media


SOURCE: Sun Jones

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