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Why Every Business Should Be Using More Than One Social Media Platform

   NEWS / 21 Jul 2017

Published: 21 July 2017

There is complete understanding now that social media is the most popular choice for marketers to use. According to Forbes, 93% of marketers use social media in order to reach out to their customers and leads. It is a clear, effective marketing tool to use and that is why so many businesses have taken advantage of what the different platforms have to offer.

Unfortunately, some businesses tend to have one social media platform that is performing well however, this means that others become neglected. The idea of this is terrible because neglecting a platform means they are disregarding users of other networks which can cause lower engagement levels and reach.

Unless you are aware, 100% without doubt, that your audience only uses one specific social media platform, it is imperative that more than one is used. Reaching the complete target demographic will never happen with one platform because even though Facebook and Twitter are the most common sites for businesses, some people prefer more niche sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram. However, this does not mean signing up for every social media account possible, but choosing those which best fit both you as a business and the target audience.




Social media does not only help with creating a wider community online but also can increase the search engine ranking. When more quality content is put out on the Internet, there is a better chance that the website will rank higher when those keywords are searched. Social media is a key part of that content which will help, and having your company’s name on multiple websites such as YouTube and Facebook is important.

The worst thing for a company is having a bad reputation because when there is a negative word said, this can spread quickly on the internet. Having your business on multiple social media websites creates the opportunity to keep track of everything that is being said about you. Also, it will be easier for consumers to send messages directly because every platform has the direct messaging option. Due to being on the social media websites, being proactive and responding to the negative comments straight away will show customers that your business is able to help. If undesirable comments do get written, it is important to respond with a solution to the problem. This also shows that, you want to improve the user’s experience which therefore, changes the reputation from bad to good.

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