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How Mobile Video Streaming is Dominating the Digital World

   NEWS / 13 Apr 2017

Published: 13 April 2017

Between 2010 and 2015 mobile video consumption increased by an impressive 2,084% and by early 2016 mobile was accounting for a staggering 46% of all video plays. This is expected to rise to 75% by 2020. These figures clearly show that mobile video plays are now dominating the digital world, one of the likely reasons why popular social networks are in the process of rolling out upgraded functionalities to cater for this enormous trend.


The Power of Video Promotion

In recent weeks Facebook has updated its audience network service, helping to monetize mobile videos created by companies, allowing them to create brand awareness and drive views through their popular Ads section.

Twitter, the first mobile-first platform, now allows businesses to upload their own videos and promote them through boosted tweets.

Claire White, Account Director for Why Media explains; “The creation and promotion of video content now consumes around 70% of our content marketers resources. Attention spans are decreasing and with so many platforms to check these days, users are looking to take in information quickly through their eyes and ears. We have seen outstanding results from a number of video marketing campaigns recently, with engagement figures reaching new company highs compared to traditional text content.”

Live video streaming apps have also taken the world by storm over the last year with apps including Periscope, Livestream and of course Facebook LIVE. Live streaming video to mobile devices helps personalise your brand and make consumers feel more directly connected to you.


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