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Leading Journalist Zak Mir joins Why Media

   NEWS / 12 Dec 2016

Published: 12 December 2016

Why Media are pleased to announce that one of the UK’s leading business journalists, Zak Mir has joined the company as a Senior Journalist. Mr. Zak Mir, who has previously written for Yahoo! Finance, The Investors Chronicle, Shares Magazine, Master Investor and TipTV, is also known as being one of the foremost CEO / Business interviewers in the UK, with many of the City of London’s leaders seeking him out to help them get their message across. In the political arena, Mir was one of the first to identify the prospect of “The Double”, Brexit and President Donald Trump’s election in May 2016 as a populist backlash outcome and can therefore be regarded as someone who is among the thought leaders in this space.

As far as his remit at Why Media is concerned, it will feature key events in finance / politics directly via the people who make and shape them  - with exclusive video interviews being the main vehicle. This Insight Driven News will be the cornerstone of his new contribution to Why Media and will be the “Hot Shoe” platform on which clients of Why Media, both old and new will be able to reach their respective audiences.

Zak Mir can be contacted at zak@whymedia.com and on Tel: 0207 888 95 Mob: +44 (0)7867 527659

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