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Facebook to be the New Snapchat?

   NEWS / 21 Nov 2016

Published: 21 November 2016

Facebook have just bought a facial recognition update, and it appears to have some very similar-sounding features to Snapchat.

In our ever-growing, constantly changing, and cyclical world of social and digital media, we know that every new idea and update is no longer sacred and bespoke. It seems that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has finally ventured into the realms of Snapchat after having recently bought tech firm FacioMetrics who specialise in facial recognition and artificial intelligence. 

FacioMetrics began in 2015 as a response to the market demand surrounding the new uses of facial image analysis. The company produced facial behaviour and demographic tools for those using video. The tools aid face detection and understanding of specific features. It even allows you to swap faces (much like Snapchat and faceswap).

We have seen that social media, digital and marketing content is becoming largely based around video. Giving people the ability to livestream video creates a new world of experiences. Not only does it legitimise companies and individuals, it also allows consumers to create virtual relationships with what they are seeing on-screen. Facebook have finely tuned in to this and believe that FacioMetrics can and will play an important role in the video content era.

A Facebook spokesperson has said, “the ways in which people share and communicate is changing, and things like masks and other effects allow people to express themselves in fun and creative ways. We are excited to welcome the FacioMetrics team who will help bring even more engagement and sharing experiences on Facebook”.

Facebook primarily focus on the photos and videos that are posted and shared through the platform however, there are obviously indications that FacioMetrics technology will assist in creating these posts more virtual and realistic.

Snapchat currently sees more than 350 million snaps being sent on a daily basis, and on its arrival to the app world, turned down a staggering $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. So what are the similarities going to be? 

It has been reported that Facebook now intends to use the tech startup to ‘bring more fun effects to users photos and videos’ on and through their very own networking site.

The financial terms of the agreement have not yet been disclosed, but it is predicted that the new merger will allow for some big developments in the technological world. It has also been disclosed that Facebook might also be planning to use their new facial recognition option as a way of logging-in and reducing the likelihood of account hacking.

Fernando De la Torre, founder and chief executive of FacioMetrics has said, “in future, we might even be able to ‘like’ a post by simply smiling at our smartphone or computer. We are taking a big step forward by joining the Facebook team and we will be able to advance our work at an incredible scale, reaching users all over the globe”.

Is the future of the Facebook and FacioMetrics FaceSnap? SnapBook? Only time will tell.

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