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Instagram vs Snapchat

   NEWS / 14 Nov 2016

Published: 14 November 2016

A question millennials seem to be asking lately surrounds the discussion of what does one post on Instagram stories, and what does one post on Snapchat?

On August 2nd, Instagram unveiled its newest feature Instagram stories - eerily similar to the competing social networking app with 30 million monthly active users, Snapchat. Instagram are outstandingly aware, as are we as consumers, that the similarities between the two are so miniscule that thinking outside the box is imperative.

Earlier this week, Instagram announced further competition Snapchat’s way with their newest update, incorporating Boomerang into the app itself alongside mentions and links creating even more fun for its 500 million monthly users.

October 2015 saw the initial launch of Boomerang which takes bursts of photos, joins images together on a video loop, plays forward then backward, creating a GIF like video with no audio. It allows you to turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected. It is recommended by Instagram gurus that you find something moving, then share it directly to your Instagram account - easy peasy. You can now also share who you are with, or who you are thinking of by mentioning them directly in your story. Adding the “@” allows you to select users you would like to mention.

The first launch of Boomerang was a separate app that needed to be downloaded, suitable for both Android and Apple users. This video could then be put into Instagram. Instagram have now said, “you can take a Boomerang right inside Instagram. Swipe right from your feed to open the stories camera. A new format picker under the record button lets you select “Boomerang mode”.

You ask what the difference is between taking a Snapchat video and a Boomerang Insta video? We queried the same thing and the real answers lie where you strip back the properties of both apps and examine how both are able to co-exist.

Instagram focuses itself around beautifying reality. We are bombarded with poached eggs and avocado, perfectly filtered on a daily basis that we aspire to create these ideals. Users are constantly competing with one another.

Snapchat is much more private. Users are able to select who they send images or videos too and they have recently introduced interactive filters. And who doesn’t love the beauty filter?

Instagram allows for ego grooming, and Snapchat lets you share ugly faces with your selected friends. Instagram = Displaying, Snapchat = Distributing.

Instagram marketers have taken full advantage of the platform and have made it extremely profitable. It allows niche businesses to target and reach their niche environments and consumers. It allows for product endorsement and placement, whereas snapchat has taken the more traditional advertising approach.  

43% of Instagram users said they would delete snapchat if Instagram stories add in a more variety of filters. The social media industry has titled it as ‘who will win the stories battle’. There may be a mirror between both platforms, but users who use the apps inevitably use them in different ways solely dependent on personal preference. It is crucial for us as marketers to note how users are choosing to use the apps, as opposed to noting the similarities between the two.

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