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Vine May be Dead but Video Isn't Going Anywhere

   NEWS / 28 Oct 2016

Published: 28 October 2016

To have a strong marketing presence you must use a number of different elements to really achieve maximum brand exposure. However, one element is becoming ever more vital as part of the marketing mix, Video!

Over the past three years we have seen video content being integrated into more and more parts of our life. From the way we catch up with distant friends through FaceTime to the way we share amusing content through GIFS and YouTube clips. It’s safe to say that video content is an imperative part of any marketing strategy.



Including video content on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 22%
YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% each year
Property listings that include video receive 403% more enquiries
50% of businesses look for more information after watching a video
73% of video users report positive results against their ROI
90% of businesses say that they find video helpful with the decision making process
1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video
The average user is exposed to an average of 32.3 hours of video each month
91% of businesses plan to increase video spend in 2017
93% of businesses using video believe it has helped customers understand their business better


Claire White, Account Director at Why Media explains; ‘We have seen a large increase in demand for video creation and animations over the last twelve months from a mixture of clients. Video is versatile and not age specific and therefore it’s a great way to get your message out. Twitter today announced that it will be killing off their video platform Vine but this isn’t because video is a crowded market place, it’s because they have been unable to compete with the likes of Snapchat, Instagram and of course YouTube. We have seen a shift in mentality over the last few months with our more traditional clients looking at creating videos as they have seen themselves opting to watch a video rather than read a white paper.  Video has been a great way for Why Media to showcase their core services and as a result, we have won a lot of video work recently. 

Attention spans are decreasing and we live in a time short generation. Therefore we are drawn to video content and with the expansion of 4G it has never been easier to stream on the go. 

We have been integrating video content into our websites for the last eighteen months and have seen excellent results from it. This integration method has worked well for increasing website dwell time, page views and SEO rankings.

As we approach 2017 we expect the demand for video creation to increase further. We can thank platforms like Facebook for this, who have invested heavily in promoting Facebook LIVE, a live streaming facility which allows people, brands and businesses to stream live footage. A recent live stream from Techcrunch inside the newly refurbished Apple Store on Regent Street showed how successful this can be with thousands of their customer base tuning in.

Why Media offers a range of video services from engaging timelapse footage to interviews and social GIFS.


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