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Linkedin Management

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“It’s the window to your world, keep it current”

In the current digital age it is imperative to have a high quality website to generate potential customers. We at WhyMedia provide a fully bespoke website development service using the open source content management system MODX. MODX is used by some of the largest companies in the world, including Coca-Cola and Walmart. MODx is a fully custom management system allowing us to add a plethora of plugins ranging from Right Move to Twitter. This system allows us complete control of all website meta data and URL structure for SEO purposes allowing Why Media website’s to always compete at the very top of the search page, providing more clicks and clients all year round.  

Why do we value keeping websites fresh and google friendly?

Google chrome changes, IOS has quarterly updates and visitors like to see a fresh face on all websites they visit that are irrelevant to them. Whether that be competitors or customers, is it imperative that your website is noteworthy and always undergoing a refresh. A refresh can relate to a number of matters, from software, to news stories to new pages. We act as webmaster for dozens of firms across the United Kingdom and Europe to ensure the website is something all parties can be proud of and where possible we are gathering enough data and insight to help our clients grow,