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Facebook Management

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“Google Plus did not work out, but the integration that Google My Business has, it's incredible”

The benefits behind creating a Google My Business account, allows you to access, personalise, manage, and advance your Business Profile on Google and at Whymedia we can guarantee that you can do this by managing this for you. A business profile on google is a basic but an extremely salient asset to your business and its reach. This will often be the first thing to appear when people type your business into the google search engine and therefore it is imperative to us that it receives optimal engagement. Your google profile has your company’s location,other social media platforms,link to website,phone number and reviews immediately appear, and we see how this is an important part of your business to manage effectively and efficiently.

Why does the google my business team see a bright future?

Every business needs to know about google my business and every business needs to be utilising this platform as well as updating it regularly because it's here to stay. Overall it's a cost effective business changer.