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Email Marketing

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“Let’s make it interesting, let's get this send opened”

Why Media utilises email marketing as an impactful marketing channel to directly reach clients and customers to promote updated business products and services. It is an effective way of reaching customers as it requires action and for the email and content to be addressed. An email will sit in an inbox until it is read,archived or deleted and consequently gains attention. Furthermore, the preview of the content via the ‘subject’ allows us to gain a customer’s attention immediately.  Moreover, we utilise email marketing to help direct and remind customers of a business’ other social media platforms and can guide them to a company’s website.

Why do email marketers reccomend Mailchimp?

Email marketing is the fine art of ensuring your are data compliant, which currently is the priority. For example this includes ensuring everyone is put in or that you are not spamming people. We use a number of different software types for our email marketing, but our current preferred type is Mailchimp pro. This is not the cheapest solution but is the most effective. Email marketing is a smart way to consistently engage with your customers or clients in a creative but commutative fashion. We design a layout and manage all of the email marketing processes a week as a report ; we always aim to beat the industry average of opens. ell a hundred stories; never underestimate the value of getting it right.