Blue Whale Capital approached Why Media in a quest to create a modern, functional and tailor-made website with a partner they could work closely and honestly with for this project and their future design and marketing needs.


Building The Brand Story

An exciting business with an exceptional team, Blue Whale Capital turned to Why Media to create a truly bespoke website that allows their clients to understand the culture and approach to investments, in particular FAANGS (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google). With an enviable management team including Peter Hargreaves (Co-founder of personal finance blue-chip Hargreaves Lansdown) Stephen Yiu (Chief Investment Officer) Robert Lloyd (Co-Fund Manager) Xiao Cia (Investment Analyst) and Daniel Allcock (Investment Analyst). Blue Whale Capital are ambitious to grow and create optimal brand exposure over the long term.

Why Media is very excited to collaborate with the passionate team on the design and development of their website and future marketing needs including Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising, Website Management and Video Creation.





Expanding The Companies Reach

Using the latest code and innovative design features, the new Blue Whale Capital website offers a clear approach, easy navigation and a strong insight into the company’s investment opportunities and experience. With an integrated content management system, live social media feeds and use of the latest responsive technology, the site gives Blue Whale Capital the opportunity to expand brand exposure quickly through SEO



Blue Whale Capital turned to Why Media due to the agencies ability and experience in the financial sector and understanding of compliance. Blue Whale Capital understands it’s target group and the importance of clarity in everything that they do. Progressive and modern, Blue Whale Capital wanted to ensure it keeps up with change in the communications and marketing arena and has consulted with Why Media to create a clear 1,2 & 5 year vision for the company and it’s marketing both on and offline.

Key Features

User focused navigation

Bespoke colour palette

Integrated Twitter Feed